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Bert Dohmen, founder of Dohmen Capital and Dohmen Strategies, has been rated #1 Market Timer by Timer’s Digest and is often featured in the major media like CNBC, Fox Business, NewsMax and Forbes.

Members also gain exclusive access to our Strategy Advisories, where we provide our current market outlook, explanation of recent HedgeFolios changes, and forecasts for the intermediate-to-longer term market trend.

Our innovative HedgeFolios adapt to changing market conditions according to our over 45 years of market experience, in-depth analysis and thorough research. 

Contrary to many managed account services by brokerages, our model HedgeFolios are actively managed, not static, and continuously monitored with updates made whenever our analysis and signals call for it.

When we make a change to any of our model HedgeFolios, you are immediately notified with our "real time trade alerts" (via email and SMS text message, optional).

HedgeFolios is the ultimate solution for investors and the perfect alternative to a managed account. During these volatile and uncertain times, let HedgeFolios provide you with convenience and control while helping you take the worry out of your investments.

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We hope to welcome you to our rapidly growing family who can prosper, whether markets plunge or rise.

Very sincerely,

Bert Dohmen, Founder
Dohmen Strategies, LLC

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About Bert Dohmen and Dohmen Strategies

Bert Dohmen is a professional trader, investor, and analyst. As founder of Dohmen Capital Research and Dohmen Strategies, LLC, he has been giving his analysis and forecasts to traders and investors for over 45 years. What he notices in the markets in his own trading each day, he relays to his clients.

He has been a special guest on CNBC, Fox Business News, and CNN among others, in addition to having his analysis featured in some of the best known and reputable investment publications including the Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, Barron’s, Future’s Magazine, and Forbes.

We at Dohmen Strategies, LLC look behind the scenes of the global investment markets. We analyze cross-market relationships, global correlations, and credit market data which give us superb clues as to what is likely to happen in various markets that are ignored by other analysts and firms.

What HedgeFolios Members Are Saying

"Dohmen Hedgefolios is super easy and extremely profitable. It requires “zero” effort and yields great results. Dohmen’s insight on the world markets as a whole is ‘priceless.’ Thanks Bert and Team!"

– Greg C.
Lafayette, LA
HedgeFolios Member

"The simplicity is amazing and I’m incredibly happy I switched over to the HedgeFolios program. Not to mention I’m pretty happy about my portfolio returns too!"

 – Tim M.
Colorado Springs, CO

HedgeFolios Member

"[Dohmen Strategies] offers one of the best programs available for people who do not have time to monitor and select financial investments but need to invest for their future. HedgeFolios provides for complete control over your money while having world class [market analyst] guiding you. It’s helped me learn how to be a better investor while gaining clarity around today’s headlines. Thank you Bert!”

– Gino S.
Laguna Beach, CA
HedgeFolios Member

"Mr. Dohmen keeps us average investors informed in views that are not possible in CNN, the Wall Street Journal, or Money Magazine because he has eyes that can see through the cracks to the growing problems, and he is not dependent on advertising revenue to stay in business. He gave me the warning about the big crash in 2008 that saved me millions of dollars."

– Arthur G.
Reno, NV

HedgeFolios Member

What the Professionals Are Saying

“Bert Dohmen… brilliant technician, great long-term record”

– Jim Cramer
Mad Money, CNBC

“…Bert Dohmen captured the actual levels of the DJIA precisely. In a business with so many variable influences, such performances are to be congratulated.”

– Timer Digest

“The Wellington Letter is the most thoroughly researched and best written investment newsletter I receive.”

– Neil Cavuto, 

Fox Business News

“Bert Dohmen has gained an international reputation for his accurate forecasts of the economy and major investment markets.”

– Wall Street Transcript

Dohmen Capital Research and Dohmen Strategies, LLC currently offer 4 highly valuable services for serious investors and traders, including the award-winning Wellington Letter, offering fundamental and technical analysis of the economies and investment markets. In addition, The Smarte Trader and Fearless ETF Trader is ideal for astute short-term traders, and the exciting new HedgeFolios service for active investors looking to protect their portfolios and profit when markets soar or plunge.

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